Fuhh, my title sounds like a bull try to chasing me with kind of weird face. Moreover, I knew some of u guys might be so annoyed by some of my entry. Especially, the birthday one. Some might thought, "Huh, nak show off la tuh." or maybe this, "budak-budak baru nak up!". Hahaha! Anyhow, thanks for your care. Lol

Huh, I'm currently preparing for my next step to further my study. So kinda busy shopping. Whatever! Should I mention that! Nak showing off la tuh. And btw, I never stop talking about it coz it something that I should really proud of. Kalau terasa, please walk away. jk!

So I'm currently can't take off my eye by looking at Chord Overstreet. Who the H@#$ I'm talking about? He acted in Glee series as Sam Evans.

And definately, I fall in love with Royal Pain series. All I knew, it's about doctor and it's a cool series to watched. I have only a few days left to watch it. "Lepas nih, jangan harap la kau!", like my mom said.

Ok, bye!


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