Semangat baru!

Wow, I was impress with the video that made by Maria Elena about how she got her tag line. Absolute HI-LARIOUS!! She got it from PLKN, ok! Hahaha.

Well, by the way! Of course, I am offically will be in the National Service in series 8. Group 2. Oh, finally I made it. I'm not entirely excited about it but somehow I hope I could futher my study in the same time. (hah)
And also offically in I've been selected in Kem Jugra Banting. (dekat je kot) Oh, ya! now I would like to clear the point that I made up on the title. "Semangat baru". Recently, I was broken down by emotionally and almost pysically (i try tapi tak jadi jugak). So, I've been gave up 100% already. 

Jadi, nak merapu marang kepunden marang sekeper lagi, like everyone behind me always giving me hopes and advice to survive. Ye kot!

Easily get broken. I'm in confused right now. Bye! With that I end my enrty of today with thizzzzzzz!

Adios! (Berkobar-kobar giler)


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