I don't know anyting about it!

Wow, unexpected things happened these days! Btw, my blog just been read by my most fav. influenced blogger, Marya Hana. Teehee!

Hah,  I got things to ask u guys. Who on Earth is the creator of the word of FRIENDSHIP?  It seems to be suck when heard peoples said out loud to talked about their so called best friend. To me,  I had enough. Back then, the last high school wasn't great for me. I suffered a lot of humiliation rather than something great. I mean. come on. 

Once you friend with somebody and finally after  few minute of knowing each other then you became friend. Where do on Earth people did that? Huh, tons of peoples actually. Best part is when so called your best friend turn over and didn't want to friend with you anymore. Hold up, there is more! Not just they didn't want to be friend with you, they also said something bad about you. In this case, I belong in this tribe. And I am damn absolutely felt nothing right now because I've been immune about this b******* thing. You got me! I felt it since I was borned btw.

Well after many words that I wrote, I'd realize something. Maybe a friend that had been so long (like a decade) shouldn't fit in the title of FRIEND!

That's the end of my crapness. I want to be stunt by all the movies that my sister downloaded. xoxo!

p/s : sorry for the so called unexpected title!


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