I don't know anything about it! : Part 2

Well, regarding my recent entry I was sort of devastated with people said 'they are my friends'. By the way, is that hard to honest to someone? I ask you now, guys. Is that DAMN so hard? I guess now my emotion in up and down condition right now. Easy to say, H*** absolutely frustrated!

Move on next paragraph, it's very clear that people love to make FAKE promises. For sure by the way. Not even that, they also trying to be nice in front of us and pretend like their was THE MOST OUR BEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WHOLE PLANET. Get real, Wardah! Yes, I was clearly said this is a fact that everyone who belogs in the same tribe like me should know.

More to be rude, are they belongs and deserve to our so called friends?? As I was pretend to then I will say 'YES'. But deep in our heart, only Allah knows better. Ok to be honest, I'm kind of open minded person. My guy friends knew me well and their willing to share and ask about women with the sensitive issues that made that ashamed off. I totally easy with that. I mean come on, being in science class we have to learn this sort of things.

Opposite to the girls. I also find out that that were, I don't what they used called these days. FAKE, maybe! But I'm pretty sure some girls are kind enough. Yet, I'm thinking to myself. Why is it so hard the girls be friends with me rather that the boys? And I'm still thought about it. Fyi, my best friend for the entire whore planet is a girl btw. I don't really like her back then. But anyhow, she end up became my bestie untill now, babehh!

The point now is clear. We can't just straight away believing our so called friends. I also made up some point, to be friend with kind those people were so NOT WELL WORTH IT. I was thinking to say this, see u later ^&*%$! But somehow, hei! I'm a very speak loud person but I never being so sarcastic to my other friends. Because I know there are my friends too.

p/s : Why are the Glee cast super super super awesome? I love them a lot!!!
xo :)


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