Girl's Day Out (GDO) : Part 3

It was a blast day. And I pretty sure it was the coolest day I've ever had. I had my momoent and it was my birthday. Yes, I'm turning 18 y/o. I felt that I still in my high school. As time gone so fast, I know it's time that I should move on with new chapter. Enough with all the the bad and hoping for more good things to happen.

So, let's clear things out. As usually, I always hang out with my sister (and always do). She took me out for a girl's day out again. Yup, I love to called that way. Just done the usuall but not bored things like went to watched movies, a lil bit shopping and the most cool way to burn down your calories is WINDOW SHOPPING for my stuffs that need matriculation.

Moving on, I totally enjoyed watched Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried. It's so damn goood. I guess it's the must movie to watched. Yes, I'm recommended to you guy 100%. Her bf in this movie look so similar to my beloved Chuck Bass a.k.a Ed Westwick in Gossip Girl. And more movies coming on your way. That a look at this.
I enjoyed done that because I'm not Natalie Portman fan. Bye!
Oh, just so you know. It's actually a picture of a monkey that I hid with my fist. Trust me, you wouldn't want to look at it.

As you can see, it's 'KERAMAT'
My sister forced me to took a picture with it. So, I just can't help it to watched it because it so not my thiiiing!

Nak cakap bm pulak. Kang ada yang cakap I poyozzz sangat nak show off speaking je memanjang. Haha, jk! Lepas movie, we had our tea time! Sebenarnya melantak makan tak ingat orang lain. Singgah sebentar di Secret Recipe. Plan, makan kek sahaja. Tapi dah alang-alang tu faham-faham je la. Semua benda nak makan.

And fyi, it's all mine. Macam singa tak makan setahun.

Haha, jk! I shared with my sister but only my cake and the drinks were different from her. She had Chocolate Cheese Berries Cake while I had my fav. Banana Chocolate Cake. Just so you know, the coffee and the tea were free if you buy cakes at 3-6 pm there. Berbaloi kot! And not to forget Seafood Swissroll yang tak dalam gambar sebab lambat sangat sampai.

Chocolate Cheese Berries Cake

Fuhh, lepas kenyang we went for window shopping dengan muka giler happy yang nak kena pelempang.
Beauty tips : Nak kulit flawless macam Dato' Siti Nurhaliza denagn cara yang lebih murah, sapu fresh aloe vera kat muka seminggu sekali. Tapi, kalau tahap kemaruk main salon-salon, sapulah hari-hari. Nescaya anda akan mendapat kulit yang kurang jerawat (sensitive beb!) zits. Boleh tahan sampai berkurun lama. Tapi kalau selalu bajet hot, zits akan keluar jugak - seperti gambar hiasan.

p/s : thanks a lot to my sister for the treat today! To all who wish me happy birthday, thank you so much. May Allah bless you all. Tak kira yang sincere or not. Kalau terasa sendiri tanggung. Sorry! Fyi, I kawan dengan semua orang yang nak berkawan dengan I, tak kira dia freehair ke, pakai hijab ke or else. Thanks for all your support. xo!


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