I guess most all the question been asked for this few weeks had been answer. Yes, now I'm really so grateful that I can further my study at Pulau Pinang Matriculation.

Why, Penang? I have no idea. But seriously, it's actually been my dream since kid by watched my sister studied her study at matriculation. I have no idea that my life will be so bright as now. Insyaallah, I'll be there on 23rd of May. Anyhow, I still confused to go to national service or not. Haha...

Yet, congrats to all my beloved friends who got this opportunity too. You guys deserved it. I suggest, you guys should go. This chance only came in a life time. But who don't get it, it's ok! You guys still had chance to study in local university out there. Again, thanks for all your support while I'm so devastated last time.

Good luck and may Allah bless u all. See u at the matric :)


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