It's finally over!

Finally it's over! Did all my hardwork paid off? I don't think so. Hahaha... Anyway, I was greatful with my SPM result. Satisfy? Are u kidding me. Only Allah know how I feel right now. I don't think I lost my lucky charm since honestly I didn't pulled off 100% on my study ( ceh, sekarang baru nak emo emo! )

But anyhow, congrats to my friends Dineis , Vimel and Ban Jun Heng who became the top scorers. Also big applause to all the SPM 2010 candidates who scored well.

To all the fellas who in the same boat with me, don't worry! I absolutely know how u feel. All the hardness and effort just disappeared in just a second. Ok lah, dah tiga perenggan I emo emo. Total LOSER. So, I dah fikir masak-masak, what happen next I akan terima je. Dah malas nak fikir panjang. I only pray that I could further my study at the university that all. Full stop. I don't care what people going to think of me since I've been dissapointed my family sooo damn well. Haha, bravo Wardah!

It seem if I am so furtunate to any course, I'll accept. Hei, furtune cookies bukan satu tapi banyak kot. Hopes that cheer me up. My wish to all friends, best of luck for your future and may Allah bless u.

p/s : To my bff, Nashu ( ko suke kaler pink kan? ). Aku tau ape perasaan ko bile orang buat kau macam tuh. Aku dah lama kena dengan orang yang sekarang nih aku gelar die ex-best friend. ada faham?

p/s/s : ( bukan pusat sumber sekolah ) Malas la nak terhegeh-hegeh lagi. duduk rumah lagi best!

p/s/s/s : Bye!


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