I’m trying to…(bragging)

Well as everyone knew , the declaration of  SPM result will come out on 23rd of March 2011.  And I supposed to all the 2010 SPM candidates will have some of different kind of feeling. I supposed ‘lah’.  Hopefully.

But at the end it’s their feeling. (ada aku kisah?) jk! Frequently, I just thought a lot of people love to step in others people felt. My opinion, it suck. Seriously bad. 
With the result coming out, some of people near me just like this, “ oh, you should feel ANXIOUS  and NERVOUS coz the result just around  the corner.”  Then I was like,  it is your corner or my corner? Not that I bragging or try to showing off. It just, I rather to be relax and chill while waiting wait for something.

Plus, not only that! Major problems that always felt was they try to forced us to be nervous and most importantly THRILLED and super confident about the result will be in straight A’s. To tell the truth, I HATE this bunch of peoples. Ok,  I DON’T really matter what kind of feeling I had right now. It just me. MAJOR POINT!

Enough for all the feeling probs. Oh, so sick of it! As  a student (not for this time for me) most of your parents like craving want to your success in education. I mean it, seriously.  If you had enough with something that u had enough with, just stop. But make sure it’s all done before you stop. Like me, I was a pure science student back then. Anyway somehow, I do love the course that choose. Freaking cool.

Not all our lives will end like fairytale.  Although I am a straight  A’s student , I still flunked in a few subjects. Yes, for real! If you thinking first class student should done this. Necessarily no! but anyhow, I admit I don’t gave total 100 to studies. Busy sleeping.

But I had my decision that I’m gonna proceed my dream in science study. Insyaallah. Pray for me. Hopefully, I get to do vet eventhough a lot of my mom clique said “it so susah!” Well, thats their probs.  Itulah kerja nak busybody hal orang lain. For me, kalau tak belajar, asyik sibuk nak buat itu la ini la, memang la benda tu akan jadi susah pecah kepala. Macam yang I suka buat time add maths. Jk! Kalau fail lagi, cakap je dah tak boleh buat! 
pastu sapa yang ajar cakap macam tu? WARDAH! (habis aku)

If seriously I said that, so that officially final. I nak buang all people thought about being so negative about others. Besides that, kalau I’m in divorce family so what? Kids dalam family macam tu tak boleh success for living. I don’t think so. No offence but I don’t really like more thousand this peoples. At school, I often felt about this thing. Who did to me? My friends? No no no no! but yet, it’s my teachers.
Oh, I think I already wrote I full page of entry. Haha, kinda sucks actually! Done for now.



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