I dont care but I do concerned!

Finally, I had time to spent for blogging. Hurrayy! I been busy lately as u read my last entry of my blog.

Today, I'm going to talk about feel towards some of blogger. Huh, am I complaining? Nah, not really. It just my concern to them about their writing and especially their languages. Btw, currently I have read some articles from shall I said HER blog. 

Sometimes, it's absolutely irratated me as human being.  U knew yourself as human being, we had been taught with different kind of manners. Especially as Malay. I'm proud myself as a Malay. Not only that, most of the post in HER  blogs are so sarcastic! but sometimes the word that SHE used were sounds like this....
 *in my opinion

Well, if u want to talked about somebody, please done in right way. I guess it's very impolite to talked about somebody behind their back and straight way attached their picture. Wow, memang terbaik dari ladang la! Dah la kutuk-kutuk, siap gambar pulak tuh. Are SHE had been taught how to used the word properly? So, come on! Grown up a little bit.

The words that SHE used were sort of like @4%^&@*88!!!!!  Hah, u got that! I'm absolutely scared to mention it myself.

Btw, I not really into what she saying but anyhow it's only me reading HER blog but also others. It might be your teachers or your parents. Who know?? Bukan ke dah malu macam tu. Betul tak?

p/s : I'm just concerned btw. xoxo!


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