Girl's Day out! (GDO) : Part 2

Top : bought at a boutique in The Mines
Cardigan : Voir
Pants : bought at Jusco :P
Bag : A gift from sis
Headband : A gift from cousin
Shoes : TSC
Today wasn't really going what I've used to done to. Obviously! But somehow yesterday, I received a text from my bestie , Nashue. She asked me went out for a movie. Of course. She said, she would love to watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa movie. Like OMG! I"ve been waited to watched it since last year. Oh yeah, I'm a big or historical movie and it's not freak at all. Btw, it works on your exam essay.

The story was not bad at all. Worth paid for that movie. After movie, we had a window shopping. Seriously, it drove me nuts. Especially stared at the gorgeous high heels and adorable tops. Definately, I lost my mind. Anyway, I have to cut down my nerve for saving. So as Nashue.

Before we went back, I had a lunch but Nashue don't. Instead of ate popcorn like rice non-stop troughtout the movie, of course she didn't felt that way.

I had these by the way!
Yet, she did finished my ice cream. 
How cute!

Btw, we did wasted out time by finding something that not worth to find. Enough for that! We went home quite early actually. just our luck our bus was there when we arrived. But, its not moving, whyyyyy?

weh, Nashu! Apasal bus ni tak nak gerak? Dah la panas kat sini. 

Huh, bas rosak kot! Rilek la... Alamak, bapak aku dah mesej suro balik awal!

So, fortunately we arrived at home by 3.oo pm. That's all for today. xoxo!


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