It's not a fairytale

Ok, fine! It's maybe way too early to make a birthday wishlist because my birthday is in April. But who cares? You guys? Get real. Haha. I watched iCarly today and she got a totally awesome and freakin' out cool room. I wish, I get that too (yeah, in your dream Wardah!)

So, I'm thinking by getting this for my 18th birthday

A Louis Vuitton bag but then again in my dream



A cute couture dress by ZAC POSEN???
*yang nih lagi jangan berangan, memang tak akan dapat punyalah!

Well, I guess all that I've wish for will absolutely not going to happen. Wait, hold a sec! All these day, all my dream never became true except I bought it or got it by myself. Done!
And it's not a fairytale so that you wish for will come directly to you. H*** yah, WAKE YOURSELF UP!

*p/s : so clearly i'm in middle of bad mood. so, knock yourself out.tq


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