I got a gotcha call!

Have u guys ever wonder that u guys actually had di'prank' or meng'prank'kan others? Huh.. huh... huh! Well, if u have been di'prank' in that case u belongs to my tribe,bebeh! 

Let's get to bussiness or should I write 'weh,straght to the ponit je lah!'. Ok, sounds better bukan? (OMG, She start it AGAINNN!) Done! Once upon a time (2 years back), I had di'prank' by my classmate. Ex btw!  Because I guess I'm more easy going with the boys in my class so they decided to pranked me. WITH A PHONE CALL! No jokes included. It means I'm not kidding.
So here the situation.
One day, I was in the bathroom. Took shower of course. Then all of sudden, my handphone rang with a ringtone of *sitisitusanasini! My sis pick up the phone.

My sis : Hello?
Caller : Hah, hello!
My sis : Nak cakap dengan sape?
Caller : Wardah ade tak? Nak cakap dengan Wardah.
So, ok they want to spoke with me! What was your thinking,huh? I was in the bathroom, u know... doing my thing. jk! My sis did passed the phone to me. Then,

Me : Hello?
Caller : Oh, ini Nurul Wardah bt. Jabir ke?

Then I went like this...

Me : Huh, yeah!
Caller : Bagus, ini Kieran dan AG dari HotFM! Anda telah memenagi hadiah cenderahati Transformas yang berharga RM500!

And went all the cheers sound from... I dont know where the H** it came from

Caller : Hurraayyyyyy!

Before I said any word, they hang up the phone. In my thought, it's only a prank call from the boys. So, I gave back the phone to my sis and she asked what's up?
Nah, Prank call form the begginer! Yes

Later, they called back! My sis pick it up. She kind like did the Q & A  with them. I think, they already 'cuak' coz they letak the phone. After awhile, they called me AGAIN! And u know what? They say sorry to me coz they did that to me.

Early day tomorrow, they make so much noise about they did to me yesterday. I admit, I'm a bit 'malu' back then. But then, I always came out with a new way to cover up myself.
wow, u guys! yesterday jokes was so last year. hurm, btw! korang yang kena caught my me. Gotcha! WHATEVER loser!

Yes, hahaha! Whatever? loser? I'd used since the day I can talked. jk! Even last time during my b-day, they'd wish me with the kind of 'L' thing on their forehead. Wow, I know that so last year! *%#@^^$!

Well, anyhow. Those thing is the one thing made me more close to the guys. Hahaha, sampai ada orang jealous of me coz the guys never be cool with her. Hohoho!

So, the point is I'm more easy get along with the guys rather that the girls. It's not saying that I dont hav any girlfriends, even my bbf is a girl ok! U got that! It just guys more easy t get along with. Kalo pompuan kang ade pulak demand macam mak 'datin', bajet hot la and what so ever. Betul tak?

I got more stories to share with u guys later. xoxo!


  1. kau kena panggilan hangit ke ?
    prank call dari stranger?

    HAHA :))

  2. nope.. dari dineis bf ko!
    lol. hahahaha


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