Happy birthday mom!

Last Friday was my mom birthday on 4th Feb. Happy birthday ibu terchenta! and fyi it was on cny day. so it's public holidays. WOW!
* I copied this picture from her facebook

As usual, I always woke up late until the afternoon. But somehow, I woke up early because of the 'pokpet-pokpet' sound of my mom. Yes, that is the ONE AND ONLY alarm clock that make me woke up. TQ!

During the afternoon, of course lah it was bosan. So, I asked my sister went out for jalan-jalan. At first, we just want to go to The Mines yang banyak pendatang asing but then she said, let's go to IKEA. Then, straight away she drove her car to Alamanda, Putrajaya. What the...hahahaha!
FINE, when we arrived there the first thing she thought was the PRESENT. OMK, I did forgot about this matter coz no money. But right, I left about RM70 in my wallet. So, I said ok, let's go hunting for present. Masuk je Parkson, nah! the best thing I saw were labels of SALE, 80%, 70%, 50% so on. Excited yet? Daa, absolutely! We finally decided want to gave my mummy a handbag because her handbag always putus talinya. So, hunting over hunting, we found overself been confused by all the adorable and yet kinda expensive handbags.

Sampai saleman kat situ naik pelik looked at us laughing like crazy when saw 1 to the other 1 bags.
Nak pendekkan cerita lagi, I as myself and my sis finally found a P****** handbag (I dont to promote any brand) which cost RM........ and make us 'pokai'. But I tell ya, THE BAG it's damn cute and so called US! *thumb up. Mom love it! Hurray....


That's the first thing I told to my sister after I gave the present to my mom. SO GLAAADD!!!
Balik dari Alamanda, my mom ajak balik kampung. Again?? Yes, absolutely again! and at kampung we made the EASIEST, DELICIOUS, EATABLE, CHOCOLATE of kek batik. Fuhh, name je nak awesome! my cousins, Haiqal and Hanif makan sampai menjilat jari tu...

But at the end, I had this TERRIBLE, PAINFUL, HORRIBLE, ABSOLUTELY HATE  IT stomachache. Yes, so sick! and yes I did asked watched cerita H on that midnight also with my cousins. It was HI-LARIOUS when we saw the H wore a costume worst than Mr. Bean.
Away back to home, we all felt so damn sick after almost 1 hour with empty stomach. Lastly, pergi kedai and breakfast with NASI LEMAK SAMBAL PARU TELUR MATA and ice tea.

I slept all day long. xoxo!


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