Girl's day out! (GDO)

Ok, usually my Sunday would be the most bored weekend I've ever had. Played games with iPad and others. So after my sis came back from work (she worked on Sunday??), she asked me for went out.

Venue : The Mines Shopping Fair
Time : Around 4 pm - 9 pm
Activities : Didn't decide yet!

First of all, mostly we've looked a restaurant to eat coz we both haven't eat anything since breakfast. Pusing - pusing satu Mines tuh, lastly we've had pizza at PizzaHut. Well, I've met some of my exschoolmate who worked there. Who? Let just be a secret. Hahaha! I am such a person who down to earth about this 'makan' things. (balun je ape yang sedap macam setahun tak makan). But today I had only 2 pieces of pizza (mostly I've finished it all). So, it's great!

hey, it's me!
down there is my sis.....

So, enough with the 'makan' thing. After 'makan' , we all headed to 'kareoke jamban' near to the bowling centre. While I'm busy texting my bff, my sis sang a lot. At once, some school kids got so irratated by my sister voice and started make annoying sound. She really had a good voice.

Before went out, my mom already 'bising' about my hair. What's wrong with my hair? Too long? Only the front hair. So, the best part my sis so called offered herself to treat my a haircut a the saloon.

First, we decided to went at D**** saloon. Masuk je saloon tuh macam masuk rumah hantu. oh, mana taknya semua stylist tuh buat bodoh je. Tak de langsung nak say 'Hai' ke. Well, I didn't asked them to greet us like princess or Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. But at least, go to the customers and ask what they want. Nih, siap syok sendiri tangkap tangkap gambar lagi. WTF! We all terus 'bla'. No wonder tak ada custumer. Kata saloon profesional, ceh!

So, we had to the LOREAL saloon. Where? Dekat new wing. Cari la sendiri. I had my fringe cut for my front hair while my sis got hair treatment for her hair herself. I must say, not bad. The prices were absolutely NO COMMENT. Only wash and  a little cut they charged around RM50++. Yes, plus with the hair treatment that my sis made. Wow, you count it. Tapi servis dia okay la daripada saloon D*** tuh. Siap served drinks untuk custumers kot. Patut la harga macam t***! Hahaha... Here some of the sneek peek!

 I'm absolutely love it! yey....

Lepas je siap rambut, terus balik coz nature calling! Hahaha,jk! Mom calling home. Lol

Ok, bye! I'm fat....


p/s : lepas nih sumpah tak nak buat lagi! baik buat dekat Sri Serdang je.


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