Awkward moment!

Most of you guys had experienced the MOST AWKWARD MOMENT for all entire your life. It's a total lied if you said you don't. Ok, let's be simple as I can. Maybe you had experienced this :

1. WEIRD in new school?
2. Becoming a newbie?
3. 'tersalah cakap'?
4. Wearing different colour of shoes/ socks?

Well, whatever it is you had felt about that. For my awkward moment was when I was in primary school. I love to wore a short pants back those day (untill now btw). Just so you know, my sporting mom also encaurage me to wore it.

So basically, my mom love to took me went for groceries. Well,while she look for other stuff,she did asked me took toiletries things like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and others. OMK, why I have to mentioned all those thing? Here this awkward moment. I did went look for the toiletries then, all of sudden one chinese salewomen came to me and  start to spoke Mandarin. In my mind, 'what on  earth this lady talked about? Please, get rid of me!' So I replied, 'Oh, I'm not talked Chinese'. Then she goes, 'Oh, you must be talked Kantonese!. What a crazy salewomen. I already said I don't spoke in Chinese. Man, she started spoke in Kantonese pulak.

My mom saw what happened. then she caled me. So, I went off there with my mom. I heard the lady said, 'Oh, dia Melayu rupanya!'. Well, of course I'm pure Malay. There were no 'celup-celup' in my blood.

Then next, on the same place. But that time I was with my brother. He want to looked for a hair gel. Ok, fine! While I'm talking with my bro, came this men asking about men product to me. Not again! So, I said, 'Saya bukan jurujual'. My bro also said the same the thing. The men refused to 'blah' and started to said ' Saya tanya dia la buakan awak!' to my bro. H***, I'm telling you! This guy so RUDE! I'd replied, let me bold this lines 'SAYA BUKAN JURUJUAL LA...'. The man just shut. Yeah, I just made a man shut his mouth! 'Oh, sorry sorry!', he said. Until the counter, my bor and me laughing for that guy. Nasib baik dia tak perasan. Hahaha!

If you guys wondered where on earth those things happened, so I'm guess you will suprise if I'm telling you this. It all happened at most of the Serdangrian favourite place to went for, GRAND UNION. Well, shut me if you can! Hahaha....

So, if you guys had experienced all those things, you might belong my kind of type. Lol! Tata for now. xoxo!


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