Review : Glee S2 Episode 1

Alright peep’s! as you guys knew Glee season 2 is been on air for past few days. OMG, it's one of those my all time favorite tv show. I guess, too much drama was going on. But their singing was totally amazing! I’m saying that again *AMAZING!. Well, as usual.

And most best part is my favorite artist on that show. Guess who?? Justin Bieber??? Yeah, in your dream. It’s Charice Pempengco! Am I spell it correct? Correct me if I’m wrong. She acted as Sunshine Corazon. It’s a Filipinos girl, who just transferred to that school. Of course, she look cute. But I tell ya, her outfit I guess was a total disaster. A Hello Kitty bag ,nowadays? Are you kidding me! I used to wore it when I was little but now, absolutely NO NO!

Anyhow, her voice was the BOMB!

The Glee cast are the best! Especially, Rachel Berry played by Lea Michelle. Her voice again so COOL as Charice. I’m telling ya.

Finn Hudson is been kick-off from the football team and he tried to audition for the Cheerios. Hahaha, what a LAUGH!

Fyi, did you that Artie Abrams played by Kevin McHale is actually is a ROCKSTAR! In real life. Adore him! He is not only can play a guitar damn good but also he can RAP! I tell ya.. fuhh, I’m so excited!

So that it about Glee S2. Don’t forget to catch it on channel 711. Every Tuesday, 9.00 pm.



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