she's a trendsetter!

well, you guys might always heard people said the word 'XOXO'. the word always been used in my all time fav. show GOSSIP GIRL. i am the extrodinary huge fan of this show. i mean really huge! i dont know why i like it so much. my friends, Nashue and my sis ,we totally have the same common liking gg.

gg not only talk about gossip. it's about fashion too! in gg, i am so into Blair Waldorf styles. they're so cute, classy and adorable to look at.

Blair Waldorf act by Leighton Meester
not only that, i guess she is the trendsetter. you see???

Big bow hairband is biggest turn-on nowaday. you cant say no to it! even i also got some of those. i lovin' in so much. see even Lady Gaga did i guess copy her......

Well, except instead using hairband, she used her own hair. freakin' weird!!
hahaha, tata for now. xoxo!


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