Next step futher!

Ever since last week, I've got my UPU result. Thanks to Allah for given me the chance. Alhamdulillah. Eventhough i absolutely (kind of) scared actually about it but i still manage to handle it. And it's officall that i can pursue my degree in my dream ever university  (sort of) which is UPM. It's kinda funny when i talk about it. It just near to my house. How near is it? Really near. LOL!

*click for futher view

 And yet i choose the course that doesn't really awesome for anyone. Yup, i did. I had had enough btw. but anyhow it still in my science world. Urmm,dont care much.

I guess thats my luck. And bammm! yesterday i got a new phone. Weeeehoooo! Wasn't that i wanted. huh! but still it's fine. Lucky lucky lucky!

Well,i guess that it! I'm in a middle of something right now. So, tata!


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