Wordless day...

Huh, i've been busy since last week btw. Even my previous entry i put on title about 2011. day dream! seriously mad. hahaha.lol!

now even worst, my schedule for this couple weeks absolutely packed. no more so called napping after class. huh, tired tired tired. next week will be my mid sem break. not just me. for all the matriculation students btw. i'll going home.

unfortunately, just after the break i have to face some trouble that been haunted me since the first day i entered this matriculation world which is THE MID SEMESTER TEST. yet,not everyone know that we have to learn about 5 long topics within not even 3 months. huh, lol!

again yet some other might thought living here will be easy than other. subject kat sini semuanya semuanya senang belaka??? senang nak skor 4 flat??? huh, ye la tu... i was not born as a genius like my roomate. bukan jugak seorang yang sangat rajin. dan tak dapat bertahan buat revision for 5-6 hours in row. but a least, i've done some. its not that easy by the way.

i've been try hard the first day i entered kmpp. hope others understand that.
huh, bebel lagi. ok la tata for now.


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