Video bersambung-sambung

Since this week ada cuti yang panjang sikit,so ramai la budak matrik yang balik to their hometown. Especially for those who stayed in KL or Selangor. Me?? I'm from Selangor too. but unfortunately i can't go back. yet, i need to my revision plus with mom said 'wa,buang masa je nak balik-balik nih'. yes, she said like that (i guess).

Since, my new project, 3Abdul's is sooo fun to make so this particular evening i went hang out at another 3Abdul's member, Nabilah. actually she asked me went for lunch with her. so yeah! itulah time yang banyak buat video bersambung-sambung yang tak siap. insyallah i'll try to finish shoot for the video. itu baru shoot ya,belom lagi part editing.masyallah.

it's almost 1 am,still i can't close my eyes. maybe sebab lack of revision kot. hati tak tenang (perasan). oklah, till then!



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