Short entry

Hahaha.... it's not funny at all, Wardah! My roomate is already sleep at 9.30 pm. What a record. Seriously, i haven't touch any book yet to study to study <------ ko nak mampus!

Well, just recently read a blog by a KMPP student. Actually, I don't know about him but my friend told me that his blog is seriously hilarious sampai golek-golek (tipu je). Then, i've take a look at it. Not bad at all. He also came from Selangor and all of sudden sesat at KMPP like me. hahaha... BTW, did i ever mention is not ever in my matricuation list?? Hahaha..... i never thought that i will came here. No doubt actually because of my SPM result was sucks (that my mom told).

I shold write something short memandangkan my title is short! WTH!!!! I was quite down this morning because of those who making that practically stupid jokes about i'm not wearing hijab. My beloved sis called me petang tadi and asked me about that. Seriously WTH people want to make those kind of jokes. I know i'm not belongs here. Maybe belom bukak pemikiran widely.

i'm in love with this pic! my roomate look so cool in it! tapi mulut i kaler hitam sebab banyak sangat minum nescafe :)
BTw, i went to pasar malam tadi. It was total packed <----makan tin sardin kemek! Tata for now. Nak study maths <----- a.k.a membuta! xo :P


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