Havoc havoc havoc...

It's already 11.43pm (according to my jam loceng). But I can't even sleep. C'mon tomorrow is Sunday and you guys should appreciate it by SLEEPING! Hahahaha....

Ok,let's say I'm a bit busy this week. Hurmmm, last Friday (macam ayat SPM) I was in quite late went to the class. And yet that day was my presentation day for Chemistry. Plus, I haven't finished my Chemistry tutorial also. I mean, bravo Wardah!

Hurmm, nasib baju dah gosok tapi tudung.....fail! (lupa) I just grabbed shawl but unfortunately the style that I always wore, didn't work coz shawl tuh lembik angat la... But luckily my roomate managed to save my style. Kitaorang pakai shawl dengan style yang sama. Snap!!!! Hahaha....
I'd MMS this some pic I''m wearing shawl like this and my sis told me 'macam Yuna versi Penang'
But anyhow, I had a great time on that day! Either fortunate or unfortunate (nak cover), my english lecturer had a meeting on that day. So, apa lagi masuk library buat kerja sendiri la... Lol!

My KP, Faizal and Izzati also joined me. Lol!

I guess. that it for now. I want to finished my Biology tuttorial. xo!

p/s : kalau mak cik kerek yang jaga library tuh nampak, I'm total dead!


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