At last..

Finally we've meet again folks! It's been a while since my last short entry (actually not that long pon) but somehow today I really want to write something.

Sincerely, I'm trying to write in English without grammatical error... Daa, this year I'll be taking MUET exam. Seriously freak out. It so much harder than I thought. Plus with the studies here, I cannot imagine how faster it was rather than during my secondary time. Those who can stand, they're alive. U got me! Wow, I really need to catch up time coz my class start at 8.15pm. 

That is my coolest and awesome practicum mate!   
I guess each of them had their own very crazinest! Lol. I shouldn't said that or else I.......

For the first time I'm n KMPP I admitted that I was quite alone. Haha, so noob! But, I finally at last catched some girls that have almst same headed like me.
That dolls named Nabilah and Izzati.

Although somethimes I annoyed by their coolness. jk! But still superly damn cool to me. Hahaha! 

Ok, peep's! That's all for now. I grossly will find my time to write soon. xo!

p/s : Am I look skinny in this picture? (perasan)


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