I don't care but I do concerned : Part 2

Sometimes I look nowadays in a school, some of the students were scared to death to stand up themself. My point here, they have the chance to stand up or speak up to defend theirself for the right. I guess, they might scared to some of peoples so called theirself 'HAVE POWER'. U got me!

I'm not that a perfect person. But does have two eyes, two ears, one nose-all normal stuff. But at the end, I fight for my right. I remembered when I was in school back then, I often met sort of those peoples. Even though, I'm a prefect. It seems happened in the perfect association itself. I'm not complaining but sometimes it unfair to certain students. They had to followed other command and sometimes might look like a servant. SERVANT!! Do u want to be that way? Don't u? U don't, that great!

Well, I supposed don't be. It's often occurs when you're not in any 'jawatan'. U got me! If we didn't followed their command or orders, we might 'kena marah' or maybe in my situation almost kena pulau kot! In addition, if something doesn't went well and we spoke up, they said 'Banyak songeh pulak budak ni!'. It means busybody. Plus, very demanding. So what? If let say, I did it. So, why not? There is nothing better that speak up yourself and give some ideas or suggestions to make it done.

Hold on a sec, I guess thy afraid if we become more 'POPULAR' because of our braveness. Sure, they were coward person. 

So that's all and again I'm not complaining. Even, I didn't care but I do concerned. Just pity to who involve in this kind of situation. Last words, SPEAK UP YOURSELF FOR THE RIGHT. It might sounds sarcastic but it works.

Till then, xoxo!


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